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City of Heavenly Fire: Maia and Jordan and sad white men 


City of Heavenly Fire has now been out ten days — and scored #1 on both the new York Times and Wall Street Journal lists, so I am super thrilled — and in celebration, I’m going to start answering … spoilery questions.

The answers are under read more tags for now. This one is about Jordan and to some extent, Maia.

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Now I know that you thought you could. I do. But that was before you had your finger on the trigger, wasn’t it? You see now that you do, you’re worried about the consequences, whereas I am not. That’s why your hand is shaking and mine is steady as a rock because you’re not like me and you don’t wanna be. 

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make me chooserichie—gecko asked seth & richie or richie & kate 

 It’s just you and me now. We are it, alright? And hey, brother, that is a beautiful thing!”

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"You know the one about the brothers don’t you? summoned to the underworld. The brothers travel to the underworld to trick the gods.”

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Are we back, brother?
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"You got your balls on?"
"Screwed on tight."
"Any sonofabitch messes with you…"
"You got my back."

"I have two (scars), from a surgery I had to correct misshapen cartilage I was born with. I had a bar put in when I was 14. It stayed there for two years to support my sternum, so my heart and lungs wouldn’t be crushed. I don’t really want them to (disappear). They make me feel like a survivor." (danny mahealani for anon)

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