mostly I just kill time
and it dies hard.

↳ Two times Damon & Alaric shared their last drink.


you don’t know pain until one half of your otp dies and the other has to live without him for an eternity 

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↳ AU — Damon/Alaric Film Noir

With a wife who doesn’t want a thing to do with him and a job that wants just the opposite, Alaric Saltzman picks up a small town assignment for a small time client. The last thing he planned on doing was tangle up with a blue-eyed wildcard, but isn’t that how it always goes?
↳ AU — Supernatural: Damon/Elena and Alaric as hunters.
Taken under the wing of a hunter, Damon and Elena spend most of their lives chasing things that go bump in the night. When Alaric goes missing, leaving behind a bloody trail, they take to the road to search for their mentor—only what they find isn’t exactly the reunion they were hoping for.
even if you cannot hear my voice.

↳ 3 times Alaric helped Damon despite himself.

5 otp moments:

↳ 5. Drinking.

and I can’t understand;
why my heart is so broken.

 for affictitious. }

5 otp moments:

↳ 4. Confessions.